Where Are They Now: Malcolm In the Middle

Bryan Cranston

Character: Hal (the father)
Where are they now?: After the show ended, Bryan Cranston had some minor roles in television shows, like How I Met Your Mother, and in film. It was until 2008 where he was offered the role of a life time, playing a chemistry teacher turned meth cook in the AMC hit series Breaking Bad. Bryan won many awards including an Emmy for best actor. Hands down, he is the most successful actor from Malcolm in the Middle.

Jane Kaczmarek

Character: Lois (the mother)
Where are they now?: Jane has been in many reoccurring roles on multiple shows like NBC's Whitney, the Simpsons, and Wilfred. Other than that, she hasn't been a main character in anything. She does have a movie coming out this year though. It's called Lost on Purpose.

Christopher Masterson

Character: Francis
Where are they now?: Like Jane, Chris has been in a few tv shows like White Collar and MTV's College Humor. He also has a movie coming out this year called Chapman. Other than that, I think he's like a famous DJ in Utah or something like that.

Justin Berfield

Character: Reese
Where are they now?: The only credit on his IMDb page after M.I.T.M is Sons of Tucson where he is the producer and co-creator. Sons of Tucson is an obvious rip-off of Malcolm in the Middle. Three mischievous brothers doing things they shouldn't be doing? Hmm, it's all too familiar. Anyway, the show flopped.

Frankie Muniz

Character: Malcolm
Where are they now?: Frankie was once a huge movie star. He was in such classics like Agent Cody Banks and Big Fat Liar. Aside from small television roles like in Criminal Minds, he's now a profession race car driver. Yes, you read that right. A race car driver.

Erik Per Sullivan

Character: Dewey
Where are they now?: The last project he was in was a movie called Twelve with Keifer Sutherland and Chase Crawford. Currently he's a student at USC. He's also fluent in Swedish.

Craig Lamar Traylor

Character: Stevie
Where are they now?: His acting career flopped. He's been in two low budget movies after the show ended, playing typed cast characters named 'Lil Ryat' and 'Tyrone MC'. And yeah, that's about it.

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