Billboard is not having it with "Rap" artist Nicki Minaj

Indeed, the first half of "Roman Reloaded" is the sound of Minaj doing a victory lap - already established enough in hip-hop to compete with her male counterparts, she leaves plenty of room for guests like Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Drake, and Chris Brown to take the mic. This time around, however, she seems to have her sights set on competing with Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Madonna, based on the album's pop-heavy second half. If you thought her David Guetta single "Turn Me On" was a major departure last summer, get ready for five more songs that sound pretty much exactly like that.

In short, Minaj spends more time exploring her musical identity on "Roman Reloaded" than she does perfecting one, which makes the album sound bloated and rushed. It's also her most overtly commercial work to date, and will rapidly expand her fan base while alienating a good chunk of her core to focus on singing instead of imaginative rhymes.

Aside from Wayne stealing her spotlight, Minaj contradicts herself, denying her transition to pop.

Minaj sounds so anonymous on this track that if she didn't name-check herself at several points you'd forget it was her song. Source

Nicki Minaj is now a....

Pop Star
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