Suri Cruise and some woman out & about in nyc

Isn't she too old for that? Katie Holmes carries tired Suri Cruise off to bed after another big day

It seems life is indeed tough if you are young Suri Cruise.

For the five-year-old was spotted being carried into her parents' New York home by her mother Katie Holmes tonight.

But considering her propensity to go into emotional meltdowns, perhaps the actress was just playing it safe by giving her daughter a lift.

She was spotted bursting into tears on a New York street yesterday.

But whatever had been upsetting her, she seemed back to her old self when she stepped out with her mother earlier today.

She was smiling away as she walked around the Big Apple.

She was showing off her love of fashion in an adorable outfit which consisted of a pink floral dress lilac jacket and silver ballet pumps.

Suri also wore a pretty pink ribbon headband amid her brunette locks, and carried a cuddly toy.

Katie, 33, also seemed in good spirits as she held her daughter’s hand while they strolled down the street.

She was dressed casually in a black ruffled shirt and blue high-waisted flared jeans.

Black boots could just be seen poking out from underneath the denim and the actress accessorised her outfit with a pair of sunglasses.

It was a far cry from the scene a day earlier when Suri had broken down in tears in public.

Doting mother Katie was seen comforting her daughter, and then trying to cheer her up with distractions.

And it seems to have worked as Suri was later seen contentedly carrying a large box from the Build-a-Bear Workshop.

It was a busy day for Suri, who also had accompanied her mother and grandmother Kathleen Holmes to the Chelsea Piers, lunch at Balthazar in SoHo and coffee at the Time Warner Building.