Celebrity Apprentice: Who's Fired?

Contestants & their charities:

Former American Idol Clay Aiken, The National Inclusion Project
Retired race car driver Michael Andretti, Racing for Cancer
Talk show host Adam Carolla, Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters
Actor/bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, Muscular Dystrophy Association
Actor/TV personality Arsenio Hall, Magic Johnson Foundation
Magician/TV personality Penn Jillette, Opportunity Village
Former Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider, March of Dimes/Bikers for Babies
Star Trek’s George Takei, Japanese American National Museum
American Chopper’s Paul Teutul Sr., Make-A-Wish Foundation

Actress Tia Carrere, After-School All-Stars
Singer Debbie Gibson, Children International
Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice, The NephCure Foundation
Growing Up Gotti’s Victoria Gotti, Association to Benefit Children
Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, Gay Men’s Health Crisis
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, Latino Commission on AIDS
Singer/actress/model Aubrey O’Day, Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
Model/actress Cheryl Tiegs, The Farrah Fawcett Foundation
Model/actress Patricia Velasquez, Wayuu Taya Foundation


Patricia Velasquez

Episode Recap:

This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the project manager match-up I hoped wouldn't happen did -- Aubrey vs. Clay. Of course, the losing project manager isn't necessarily the one who gets fired, but both of them bring an entertainment factor that I don't want gone.

I'm really rooting for Clay to win the whole thing, and while Aubrey is someone who does get annoying at times, even though I don't understand her dislike toward the Venezuelan ladies -- Patricia and Dayana -- she's really amusing. Also, her fashion sense/makeup is so outrageous. It's also pretty funny when the men make fun of her.

Party Rockers

It's another week of promoting some company's random product. Frankly, I enjoy competitions that require the teams to raise money. Sure, this means they call up their rich friends to open up their wallets, but so what? I'd rather see rich people donating to charity than these product placements.

This week's product is Crystal Light, and the two teams have to throw a party and serve the product.

The women go for a Garden of Eden theme, and the men go for a beach party. The usual issues come up -- there isn't much time and some things that are ordered don't turn out quite the way it was supposed to.

Party Rockers

Both parties are so different, but when it's men vs. women, what do you expect? The women throw a sophisticated soiree, rather than a hot party, which is what the men go for.

Their beach-themed party brings a lot of energy, with limbo-ing, dancing, two bars and more. It was a party that I wanted to go to. But it made me afraid that the execs would view the party as TOO lax and not enough polish.

If they want polish, they'll vote for the women. If they want a casual party with your friends, they'll vote for the men. It's all about what they prefer.

Stop the Singing

I found it amusing that not only did both sides incorporate singing into their parties, but they saved it until the execs arrived.

But the singing just has to go. Wait, it's Debbie's singing that needs to go. She's created an original jingle that's cheesy, yes, but it's a hit at the party, and it's stuck in my head. So mission accomplished.

But I can't stand her voice! Isn't Aubrey also a singer? Why doesn't she sing? But I digress.

In the Boardroom

The execs have nothing but praises for both teams, but in the end, the women lose based on the message branding. They say the Crystal Light logo isn't as dominant as their graphics of the drink they featured, which is all on Patricia.

Aubrey brings in Patricia and Dayana -- and the gloves come off.

Aubrey, although she acknowledges Patricia's shortcomings on this specific task, really wants Dayana gone.

You're Fired

Unfortunately, it's Patricia who gets the boot. The execs loved everything besides what she did. It's too bad it was Patricia. If it came to the task, then yes, it was the right choice, but Aubrey was really pushing for keeping someone who can move the team forward.

At first, I was thinking maybe Patricia didn't get a fair shake on the show, but I'm thinking she didn't stand up for herself as strongly as Aubrey or Lisa would have. She seems like a really honest, warm person, and I totally respect that.

On the other hand, the women have won only two tasks, and who came up with the themes and ideas? Aubrey. But for some reason, she -- and Debbie and Lisa, for that matter -- believe the "creative ideas" should be celebrated even if it totally sucks. It's just not fair that other people haven't been able to execute their ideas because they're all shot down.

What Happens Next Week (With Spoilers!)

The show begins an hour earlier next week, and the two teams are dismantled for one. Also, does someone really walk out? Who do you think it could be? Other than Lou, since it alludes to him saying goodbye to the person.

Source S2 & my TV