Ten New Official Stills From MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Released

Strong, silent and Star-Spangled.

"I'm not your woobie, I'm your Hamlet!"

When not being an enormous green rage monster destroying cities and a hapless, blundering scientist in general, Bruce spends his time posing for Crest commercials.

"Maybe if I spend my time looking as tough, impressive and attractive as possible, Joss won't kill me off at the end of this film."

"Now, what was that Tyra dame going on about on the TV the other day? 'Smizing?'"

Flawless HBIC.

Someone is in dire need of some Herbal Essences Herbalicious Swirl, and it ain't the perfectly coiffed Ms. Hill.

"I'm sorry, you read WHAT about me and Steve on the Internet?!"

I need to know what kind of Wonderbra Natasha here is wearing. No seriously... someone help a busty gal out.

"I don't know what I'm more upset about. The fact that the world is being annihilated by an alien race or that I'm 70 years in the future and they designed me an even shittier costume than George Clooney's Batman."