Laurieann Gibson Left Lady Gaga When Things Got Too “Dark And Heavy”

Laurieann Gibson, former choreographer-turned-creative-director for Lady Gaga, is speaking up about her parting from Mother Monster’s entourage.

Last November it was announced that Gibson would no longer be collaborating with Gaga.

She initially stated that she decided to “step away” and was “very proud” of Gaga. But in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Gibson spills a bit more info as to why she split.

“No judgment, but it just got a little dark for me, creatively,” Gibson said during the program. She later added,“I think it just reached the point where I wanted to keep the brand that I had helped build a little purer and still accessing the kids, and it was fun for me. But gets difficult when it gets a little dark and heavy.”

Pure and kid-friendly? How to explain, then, Gibson’s work on Nicki MInaj’s scandalous Grammy exorcism of alter ego Roman Zolanski, then?

“I said, you wanna do what? I said, oh, lord, pray for me — I need a little help with this vision,” Gibson told ET. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, it seems, Laurieann.

BUT YET you went on to creatively direct Nicki's grammy performance. BECAUSE U WERE FIRED