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Billy Boyd's band Beecake!

Beecake, the Scottish alternative rock band of which actor Billy Boyd is a part, are set to release a four song EP in June.  You can hear their newest song exclusively on grammy.com.  Have a listen; personally I’m loving it!  You can also show the band your love at their facebook page, or check out their website.   Middle-earth actors are such a talented bunch!  


They will be releasing their 2nd full CD later this year called Blue Sky Paradise which is also a title track!  Friend them on Facebook, they need 10k friends before they release some great new album info and follow them on Twitter @OfficialBeecake.  Billy, @OfficialBeecake and Dom, @DomsWildThings tweet each other (ADORABLE!)  Dom actually named Billy's band too!  He was emailing pics from his holiday to Billy everyday and he sent him a pic of a cake that was covered with bees in Spain.  They were just brushing the bees off and serving it to people!  Dom took a pic of it, sent it to Billy and called it Beecake!  Billy liked the word and named his band that! 

Billy has a lot of things coming up, he and Dom are finally getting their movie up and going, called Mac and Martin Take America, Ecstasy, Space Milkshake, The Witches of Oz, Carmel and a couple new films that are in pre-production, A70, Broken Cove.  You can keep up on all Billy news at Basically Billy Boyd.  If you follow @DomsWildThings, and he gets 10k followers, he will post a NEW pic of him, Billy and Elijah


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