Justin Bieber Continues to Live Fast, Troll Hard

To build anticipation for his new single Boyfriend, the Biebs has been leaking content on his official site every day leading up to the release. Tuesday we got lyrics, yesterday a new promo photo, and today a 15-second preview of the song's instrumental intro. It even came with some video footage of Justin in-studio and oh hey, a closeup of his lyric sheet...


If I was your boyfriend, never let you go
Put you on to shit that I bet you didn't know
We could take a trip bae all around the globe
Send you pic's of my XXX if you keep it on the low
Shh shh ey, can you keep a secret
I got a super size, you wanna see it
Yes please, I thought so, brains up
Rep a swag but my voice goes way up

What do you think, ONTD? Is this Biebs taking another opportunity to troll Beliebers...or was that fondue by the fireplace ALL A LIE?

just for anyone who hasn't realized yet that the actual, official lyrics have already been verified by several sources...and that they're not gonna play a song about dick pix on radio disney.

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