Selena Gomez: My Career Is Too Important To Waste It On Getting Drunk

Selena Gomez isn’t getting bullied by her friends, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson on the set of Spring Breakers — but she may be going through some peer pressure, which she isn’t bending into, a source close to the group of girls tells exclusively.

“I would be shocked if Vanessa or Ashley was ‘bullying‘ anyone, especially Selena,” the insider begins. “They are both really sweet girls. I do know Selena isn’t as fast moving as them, but you have to remember she’s also younger.”

That said, Selena, 19, might not always feel comfortable with the choices Ashley, 22, and Vanessa, 23, make in their off time.

“V and Ashley both love to have a good time, which includes some partying, and Selena isn’t really interested in all that,” our source says. “She has too much on the line. The way she looks at it, her career is more important than getting drunk.”

Adds the source, “But I wouldn’t say Ashley and Vanessa are partying their careers away either…they get their work done and do it well. If anything happened on set, it was probably that Selena felt pressure to be ‘cooler’ or whatever.”

We’re proud of Selena for sticking to her guns when it comes to partying. Most young celebrities don’t care about following rules, but she does — it’s admirable.