Robert Downey Jr. denies he is anonymous commenter spreading Hollywood dirt in blind items

Robert Downey Jr.’s camp is denying widespread speculation that he is the anonymous commenter who has been spreading dark Hollywood rumors on the blind item website Crazy Days and Nights.

Over the past month an anonymous commenter who goes by the name "Himmmm” has been dropping bombshells about bad behavior in Hollywood, detailing alleged starlet call-girl rings, pedophilia and rape.

Several clues provided by the anonymous poster as to his identity, particularly that they had almost let addiction ruin their Hollywood career, led other commenters and websites to speculate that Himmmm was Downey Jr., who had publicly battled addictions for years.

But this week, Alan Nierob, a rep for Downey Jr., is trying to put those rumors to rest.
“Of course he isn't,” Nierob told when we asked whether his client was Himmmm.

Nierob added that it will be up to the actor’s legal team to decide whether to press charges against the sites who are hosting the commenters who allege Downey Jr. is the anonymous commenter.

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