This is a 5 Days to Mad Men Post

"Mad Men" covers Newsweek this week, and the magazine decided to go with a 1965-look. Everything from the typography to the ads are done in a retro style.

Editor Tina Brown described the process:
"Soon creative directors from agencies all over were diving into their vaults to dust off visuals from old accounts like Spam, Tide, Dunkin Donuts, and Hush Puppies. Ad agencies like Brand Cottage, not around in those days, went retro just for kicks. I spent a happy hour before Christmas trawling through ancient footage at the BBDO agency that featured an on-camera office tour conducted by a voice of God."

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I love the Dunkin Donuts and Geico ones. tbh this is a really cool marketing idea, and I'm even more excited for this Sunday! Who else is going to be watching?