Chatty Kathy

Celebrity trash-talking comedian Kathy Griffin is back. And if you don’t have tickets to her nearly sold-out shows at the Wilbur Theatre next weekend, you only need to wait until April 19, when her new talk show, “Kathy,” premieres at 10 p.m. on Bravo, the same network that carried her reality show, “Life on the D List,” for six seasons.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen the promo for this show, but it’s me in lingerie in bed ... with a Bravo logo. It’s like ‘Red Hair Diaries,’ ” Griffin told the Herald. “I love that they’re promoting this show like it’s ‘Skinemax.’ I’m all for it.”

In the meantime, she’ll be on the lookout for Sen. Scott Brown — whom she calls “The Boston Ryan Seacrest” — when she’s in the Hub next weekend.

“I’m determined to take him down, and he knows it,” Griffin said. “The last time I ran into him, it was outside of Pizza Regina ... His wife (Gail Huff) stared daggers at me. I made a couple jokes and their daughters laughed. I think they could be secret Kathy Griffin fans.”

Griffin’s hourlong, weekly talk show will feature her 91-year-old wine-loving mother, Maggie, who “will be tippin’ it back on St. Paddy’s Day (today) for sure,” Griffin said. “And she’ll probably have a really crappy corned beef sandwich.”

Griffin says she looks to Howard Stern’s and Bill Maher’s shows as influences for her new endeavor.

“What I like about an hour is you can go a little deeper than shows that have to give you a picture and a joke, a picture and a joke,” Griffin said. “I will let it rip.”

She has no problem talking about her own life, as long as it’s entertaining.

“Three weeks ago, I contracted bird flu. That’s (expletive) funny,” she said. “My own doctor said, ‘How did you get bird flu?’ You know who I wouldn’t mind giving bird flu to? A couple of those Kardashians. I’m not going to lie.”

Fellow yakkers on the show will be “civilians,” or non-celebrities, as Griffin calls them. The funnygal — whose entire act is dishing dirt on famous people — won’t go so far to say celebrities will never be on the show, but says she can’t picture it being funny if they’re there.

“The interviews would be really short — around 20 to 30 seconds,” Griffin said. “How am I going to talk to Gwyneth Paltrow? ‘What the (expletive) is the matter with you?’ That’s my first question.”

“I don’t have a lot of celebrity friends ... but I have some,” Griffin continued. “I’m good pals with Rachael Ray, but she’s from the world of Oprah. How do I have Rachael on my show when I’m ripping Oprah a new one?”

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