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Julie Plec, Bonnie-Hate and the Shittiness of The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries: How Julie Plec just confirmed what’s wrong with this season

It’s practically ridiculous how adamant (so excuse me if this isn’t as articulate as it could be) I just became over Julie Plec’s rant, of sorts, on Twitter earlier today (which has since been deleted). After, presumably, receiving tweets of people wanting Bonnie and Kol together romantically on the show, executive producer and co-creator of The Vampire Diaries shut them down with a “No… just no.” The reason she cites is because Bonnie is strong and beautiful. And Kol? He’s a murderous vampire.

Those two together — that could never happen.

Forget the fact that Elena, human, is in involved in the central love triangle of the show with two murderous vampires. And if you try to shoot that down, you must not be watching the same show as I am. Literally, the last episode that aired, “1912,” centered around how Stefan received his Ripper status and how new character Sage helped Damon stop murdering people when he was hungry (and then taught him how to make humans his playthings). And this is Elena, you know, the main character. Bonnie, often relegated to B, C, and D plots offscreen (like in the last episode) and more so than not is basically used as a plot device to undo whatever the writers can’t themselves is apparently too beautiful and strong for getting with a murderous vampire.

Forget the fact that Caroline, whom I would classify as both beautiful and strong, is being written into a romantic storyline with ”murderous vampire” Klaus — that guy that’s been killing everyone and then some since last season on the show. (OP: Didn't he kill Jenna?)

Forget it, because that’s not even the issue here. It’s not even that wanting Kol and Bonnie together is even right or correct in any way, shape, or form. It’s ludicrous, I agree. But we’ve been told that these characters aren’t just one note, simple creatures. There are layers there. I guess that’s why Klaus draws? I have no idea. But the fact remains, we’re watching a series about two brothers’ struggle with their inner demons — we’re not watching them be just murderous, but human. And Plec and company offered that Klaus was to be layered the same (perhaps not exactly, but you understand).

What does it say of Kol if he’s nothing more than a “murderous vampire.” Nothing else defines him. He’s nothing but one-note, one-dimensional. Why am I wasting my time watching someone who’s just murderous if supposedly everyone lives in a shade of grey on this show? More so, why am I supposed to care — in the “season of the Originals,” no less? Am I supposed to feel any remorse when his mother wanted to mass murder her children? Is there a reason just murderous vampire Kol has gotten screen time in episodes where “beautiful and strong” Bonnie has not?

What it says is that, at least, Kol of the Original Family is extra, surplus, excess, not needed. He’s useless.

More so, to make room for him, the show got rid of just hybrid Tyler, just human Jeremy, just father Bill, and so on.

I have not been a fan of how the show has been executed since the Winter hiatus, and I recently tried to pinpoint why. With Julie Plec’s rant, I think I’ve found out precisely: it’s true, I’m watching a show of either love interests that make no sense (almost hilariously given this rant) or a group of characters that are irrelevant. Either way, I’m not interested.

I suppose Finn is just suicidal. Elijah is just a moral compass. Rebekah is just … uh, there? And Klaus is a non-threat.

Perhaps Julie Plec was mad that so many people tweet about Bonnie to her. But I’d be more inclined to care if her words were equated with her execution. The truth is, we have no idea of Bonnie’s background apart from someone who loves her grandmother. What about her father? And her mother, who we meet for five minutes, is just a plot device too in an offscreen plot (relegating Bonnie to be an extension of it and nothing else). That said, in a season full of only love interests as storylines and nothing more (an exaggeration), I certainly can’t blame anyone for pairing every character they possibly could. It stems from the idea that the show believes that is truthfully what’s important. After all, the rant did originate from the idea that Bonnie’s mom’s fostered child (of sorts) is going to be Bonnie’s love interest (once again, because Jeremy, someone we actually care about, wasn’t enough). Now, that’s a pretty huge accusation: shippers being the product of the series itself, and thus the people who run it. At this point, I’m inclined to believe it. Then again, I have no basis for it. But when you build an entire season on it, how shocking can it be when that’s all anyone cares to tweet to you?

Don’t want “ships” to be so important? Don’t make it so. Don’t want crack ships to be so important? Don’t create Caroline and Klaus out of thin air.

But thank you. It’s been bothering me, not understanding what was off this season, and now I finally know: nothing that’s happening on the series has any gravitas nor incorporates any character I’ve grown to care for, meanwhile love interests are defined with the care of a roll of dice I suppose — and in that respect, that may be how I feel about the show at this point. Roll the dice, and you might get an episode that’s compelling enough to be pivotal.

Roll again and you’re left with nothing.
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plec can gtfo and give bonnie sexy times and romantic-dramaz with a hottie vamp like the white girls
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