The Wanted 'Forced To Apologize' To One Direction?

The Wanted were reportedly forced to apologise to One Direction, after Max George said he believed the boys were just "faces" and "children’s magazine based."

As we previously reported, George apparently told The Metro that he believed only kids would be interest in 1D Stateside, comparing the lads to Disney stars Jonas Brothers.

He was quoted as saying: "I’m not sure how well they’re actually doing yet. They’re more faces, if you know what I mean.

"I don’t think people really look at us over there as the same kind of band because I think people look at them more like a Jonas Brothers sort of band that are very TV and children’s magazine based. They make magazines instead of actually hearing them on the radio.

"I think our audience over there is sort of 18 to 25 or 30. We have a lot of radio play but I think we’re more of a music band."

Despite taking to Twitter to clarify his comments, a source has told Heat Magazine: "The Wanted totally freaked out when their management told them that slagging off One Direction could turn their fans against them.

"That's why they tweeted saying that it had 'all been blown out of proportion'. It was their way of apologising."

Although Max may have said sorry for his remarks, 1D are apparently "furious" with George and the rest of the gang, with an insider telling Heat: "They're angry about The Wanted slagging them off. They think it's a low blow and they were shocked that Max would say that."

A music insider added: "It's not a good idea to start an argument with One Direction. They are working the same circuit at the moment. It's going to be really awkward when they bump into each other."

What are your thoughts? Do you think Max's apology is sincere?