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Chinese copy Victoria's Secret show

China has ripped off electronics. It's ripped off video games & movie posters. It's ripped off Conan O'Brien. And now, apparently, it's ripped off a Victoria's Secret fashion show.

A fashion show at China's Chengdu University of Technology wasn't just inspired by Victoria's Secret. No, it completely ripped off a Victoria Secret fashion show—something that was pointed out quickly by Chinese internet users.

Students from Chengdu University's School of Radio, Film & Television raised eyebrows when they recently staged a risqué fashion show featuring women's lingerie.

But it was not just the skimpy clothing that set netizens abuzz.

Students strutted down the runway in outfits that were almost identical to American lingerie retailer, Victoria's Secret's televised runway collection.

The concept of the show and even poses struck by the models were also similar, inviting complaints that the student-run show was a "rip-off" of the popular annual event.

The latest incident comes in the wake of China making headlines with its fake Apple and Ikea stores.

News site Chinasmack's online community was ablaze with scathing comments that criticised the university for allowing the "plagiarised" show to go on.

Perhaps the students were simply living up to the words of Steve Jobs when he famously quoted Pablo Picasso, “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Besides the issue of originality, there were also some who believed that it was unbecoming for students to stage a lingerie show in an academic setting.

Feng Zhen, a senior student at Binzhou Medical University in Shandong Province, told China's Global Times that "It is shameful for university students to wear so little clothing. There are many other types of clothes that better reflect what students are wearing."

But Tina Wang, a senior student at Communication University of China who was interviewed in the same report, voiced support for the show as it allows students to express their creativity.

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