billy crudup (likegunfire) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
billy crudup

even MORE people are suing Alexander Wang & his sweatshop

A second worker from Alexander Wang has come forward claiming that conditions at the design label's Chinatown factory are 'inhumane'. Flor Duante, 48, says she was forced to work 90 hours a week in the 'sweatshop' on Manhattan's Broadway.

The single mother-of-three today added her name to a Queens Supreme Court lawsuit that was last week filed by Wenyu Lu. The New York Post reports that the former employees were both fired after attempting to claim for worker's compensation. Though representatives today could not be reached for comment, the high-end design house last week vowed to fight the $450million lawsuit filed against the company by the ex-factory worker.

A company spokesman told the fashion newspaper: 'The company takes its obligations to comply with the law very seriously, including the relevant wage and hour regulations, the payment of overtime to eligible employees and having a safe working environment for all of our employees. We will vehemently defend any allegations to the contrary.'


VERA would never. It's about time we return to there being only one important Wang <3
Tags: fashion, legal / lawsuit

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