Zhenya Voevodina (sexsniper) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Zhenya Voevodina

Lena Katina and Dave Aude are releasing remix album - today!

This post is for Lena Katina lovers :-)

Dave Audé has set his standards at the highest level and he's not in the mood to lower them when he takes the controls for his own productions. Teaming up here with t.A.T.u.'s Lena Katina, herself no stranger to success, the duo craft a fine piece of slick, hook-heavy electronic pop-dance that's as much about the song and the vocal as the more base business of moving feet on the dance floor.

Audé's glossy, definitive original is augmented by Jeremy Wood's more clubby take and Loud Manners, who play up the freestyle elements with some 80's flourishes, before Sharooz takes out his box of tricks for the dark, dirty and deep into the night version.

This week "Never Forget" remixed by Dave Aude enters Billboard Club&Dance TOP 30 at #28! 

Preview the music HERE

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