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Wes Bentley: Shirtless for 'Flaunt' Feature!

Wes Bentley shows off his shirtlessbody in a feature for Flaunt Magazine‘s Issue 120.

Here is what the 33-year-old actor, who plays Seneca Crane in the highly anticipated flick The Hunger Games, had to share with the mag:

On comparing The Hunger Games to the Roman Empire: “[Suzanne Collins] use Roman names and I couldn’t help but feel this was the fall of the Roman Empire, with these outlying districts – territories that were fed up with their treatment and bound to rebel against the leader.”

On his character Seneca Crane: “[He is] part techie madmen, part reality TV producer, part playboy showman for the Capitol, and a celebrity of sorts. Things are happening around him that he doesn’t even recognize – he desensitizes to the furthest extreme.”

On the resurgence of his career: “I feel really fired up and there was a reason I didn’t have that feeling when I was younger. I’m glad that I can realize that through all the mess. I was waiting for the right moment, and that moment is now.

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