Whitney Houston's Family Speaks to Oprah

TV host Oprah Winfrey talked to members of Whitney Houston’s family, including the singer’s only child Bobbi Kristina Brown, on her OWN show “Oprah’s Next Chapter” tonight.

Bobbi Kristina told Winfrey that in the wake of her mother’s death she was doing “okay” but trying to persevere. “Just trying to keep going,” Bobbi Kristina said.

She said that she can still hear her mother’s voice in her head, offering advice. She also wakes up at 5 a.m. to pray, as her mother had once told her to do. She said around the house, lights sometimes turn off and on mysteriously–and she believes it is a sign of her mother’s presence. “She’s always with me,” she said.

Bobbi Kristina said that “I still have a voice” and she plans to do some singing, acting and dancing to help carry on her mother’s legacy.

Bobbi Kristina said that she didn’t expect her mother to pass away at such an early age but “She prepared me for it.”

She called some of the negative stories about her mother “garbage.”

Sister-in-law Pat Houston said that shortly before Whitney’s passing, the vocalist had a verbal confrontation with another singer from the TV show “The X Factor.” The singer wasn’t named on the show. (some of the classiest shade ever thrown imo)

Pat, who also served as Whitney’s manager, described the moments just after Whitney’s death. Whitney had been preparing to shoot an infomercial. Pat said she heard screaming from Whitney’s hotel room, and saw the singer’s hairstylist drop to her knees. She told someone to dial 911. When she got into the room she saw her brother Ray trying to revive Whitney, to no avail. “She had a peaceful look,” Pat said about Whitney. She said that Whitney had been in the bathtub but was pulled out.

Winfrey asked Pat if drugs were an issue in the days leading up to her death. Pat said she thought that drugs were not an issue in her final days, but that Houston may have had some drinks.

Pat said that Whitney understood that her lifestyle had damaged her voice. “She could still sing, better than most with what she had,” Pat said.

Gary Houston, Whitney’s brother, said “I never thought anything like this would happen” about his sister’s death.

He said of his mother Cissy Houston, “It’s rough for her.”

Gary said he felt “violated” when he saw pictures of his sister’s corpse surface in a tabloid. He called the publication of the pictures “wicked.”

Gary also addressed the fact that Bobby Brown left his ex-wife’s funeral early. He said it wasn’t true that the family didn’t want Brown there. Gary said that he liked Brown, but said as far as his relationship with his sister “I don’t know how good they were for one another” as time passed.

(In a clip posted online, Pat said of  Bobby Brown “I can’t say that he introduced drugs to her. I don’t think that’s true.”)

Gary said that his mother used to say that Whitney was an angel and “she’s not going to be with us too long.”

The show ended with Gary and Pat singing the song “I Look To You” as a tribute to Whitney. Before finishing the song, Gary broke down as Winfrey looked on. 

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