The Amazing Race Brenchel Edition - Episode 4

Friends Art & JJ came in first for the second leg in a row

Mark & Bopper came in last place after being separated from the pack on the second flight but were saved thanks to a non-elimination leg!

This week's rankings
1. Art & JJ (Still hate them. Giving the money to Mark/Bopper was a nice gesture though)
2. Rachel & Dave (FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT)
3. Joey & Danny (I still don't know who is who)
4. Vanessa & Ralph (Why are they so bitter to Brenchel?)
5. Nary & Jamie (Still my favorites I think)
6. Brenden & Rachel (Still crying)
7. Kerri & Stacy (Still boring)
8. Mark & Bopper (Still annoying)

Source: CBS/TV