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Chinese Copycat Movie Posters

Inspiration or Plagiarism?

It is not an easy task to design an original and creative movie poster.

Given the number of movies in existence, no matter what is put into a movie poster, it probably has already been used somewhere else.

We reveal the film posters for scores of movies made in the U.S. and elsewhere that have been changed ever-so-slightly and used to promote Chinese films. It's pretty amusing to see how schmaltzy, second-rate American movies like Valentine’s Day or Daddy Day Camp have been employed to Chinese films.

Here are a few of the films paired with their Chinese equivalents. Paging Christopher Dodd, here's a problem not even SOPA will fix.

Detective Tanglang (China) VS. Sherlock Holmes (UK/US)

Valentine’s Day (U.S.) VS. Hot Summer Days (Hong Kong, China)

Ocean’s Twelve (U.S.) VS. Fit Lover (China)

The Message (China) VS. Talk to Her (Spain)

Midnight Beating (China) VS. Phobia 2 (Thailand)

China: Street Kings (U.S.) VS. Chongqing Blues (2010)

Diary of A Wimpy Kid (U.S.) VS. Welcome to Shamatown (China)

A Tale of Two Sisters (South Korea) VS. Illusion Apartment (China)

Addicted to Love (U.S.) VS. Sophie’s Revenge

The Ides of March (U.S.) VS. Lao Nan Ren Li Xian Ji (China, literally The Adventure of Old Men)

Love Actually (UK) VS. Fit Lover (China)

Daddy Day Camp (U.S.) VS. Eaters (China)

Midnight Beating (China) VS. Boogeyman (U.S.)

Illusion Apartment (China) VS. The Eye

Red Cliff (China, 2008) VS. The Knot (China/Taiwan, 2006)

Die Wu Tian Ya (China) VS. The Legend of the Evil Lake (South Korea)

Shanghai (China) VS. Brooklyn’s Finest (U.S.)

Black Swan (U.S.) VS. I Do (China)

I Corrupt All Cops (Hong Kong, China) VS. Caligula (U.S./Italy)

China Idol Boys (China) VS. Miss You Again (Thailand)

A Battle of Wits (Hong Kong, China) VS. The Last Samurai (U.S.)

My Own Swordsman VS. Friends (U.S.)

Illusion Apartment (China) VS. Phobia (Thailand)

South Korea: Sad Movie (2005) VS. China: You Ren La Wu Mi (2011) VS. China: The Allure of Tears (2011)

US: Vantage Point (2008) VS. China: Seven 2 One (2009)

US: Flags of Our Fathers (2006) VS. China: Jing Tian Dong Di (2009)

France: The Pianist (2002) VS. China: Iris Chang – The Rape of Nanking (2007)

UK: Pirate Radio (2009) VS. China: Sleepless Fashion (2011)

France: Taken (2008) VS. China: The Killer Who Never Kills (2011)

US: Fahreheit 9/11 (2004) VS. China: Dear Enemy (2011)

US: Yours, Mine and Ours (2005) VS. China: Perfect Wedding (2010)

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