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Game Change is Nothing More Than a Sick Liberal Fantasy??

Let’s face it, the liberals in Hollywood live in a fantasy world. A world where actual facts matter little. Though Roger Ebert writes for the Chicago Sun-Times he is just as delusional as the rest.

We all know Game Change is nothing more than a hit piece designed to stop Sarah Palin. It was put together by a bunch of Obama sycophants and set to debut as the 2012 presidential race was hitting high gear.

The Hollywood elite assumed Sarah Palin would run for president this year, and be the Republican nominee. Thus guaranteeing their beloved Obama would receive the shellacking of his lifetime in the November election.

This backfired on them, as Palin decided not to run. Now they are stuck with a pile of garbage few will see. To counter this, Julianne Moore, who pathetically tries to play Sarah in this farce, has been all over the talk show circuit doing damage control. Now Roger Ebert, has been enlisted to heap much praise on this schlockfest.

Ebert titles his piece The greatest actress in American political history. In this love fest he treats Game Change like it’s a documentary, rather than a total work of fiction created with no other purpose in mind than to slander Sarah Palin and her family.

Supporters of Sarah’s, most of whom know her life story as well as Sarah herself does, must read Ebert’s piece. It will have you rolling on the ground in laughter.

That anyone with half a brain thinks the portrayal of Sarah Palin in Game Change has any truth to it whatsoever is laughable on it’s face. Seriously, even Tina Fey’s tortured parody of Palin had more credibility.

Too many people know the truth about Sarah Palin, and what actually happened during the 2008 campaign. All are willing to go on record. On the other hand, none of the people who HBO “sourced” are willing to do the same. That tells you all you need to know.

There’s a reason why a recent poll in the L.A. Times had readers choosing to see the actual documentary of Sarah Palin’s life, The Undefeated over Game Change by a stunning 76 percent. [to 14 percent for Game Change] Most people recognize bullshit when they see it, and Game Change sets a new “high water mark” for bullshit.

The Undefeated debuts this Sunday [the day after Game Change opens] on Reelz Channel. Reelz is available to more than 62 million cable subscribers, more than twice the number who have HBO.

Game Change is a sick liberal fantasy, and Julianne Moore is no Sarah Palin. On Sunday night I’ll be joining those 76 percent who chose The Undefeated over Game Change. Unlike Hollywood, I like to deal in reality.


Julianne was SO good & it's sad people were attacking it without watching it. She did her best to make us SYMPATHIZE with Sarah without making her as overtly obnoxious as she is in real life. bless <3
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