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up and coming rapper Nitty Scott, MC for Beyond Race Magazine

In a world where the status of hip-hop is highly contested and the pathway to a successful career seems hinged on a rapper’s ability to dazzle crowds with a manufactured persona, it’s refreshing to stumble upon that rarity that is the gimmick-free artist. It’s even more refreshing when said rapper is not only talented but also humbled beyond what their age and experience would imply. On a rainy day in Williamsburg, at the studio of über-talented photographer Robert Adam “Photo Rob” Mayer, Mia Drane-Maury got a chance to catch up with that blast of fresh air, Nitty Scott MC.

While she might be difficult to categorize, her music definitely harkens back to the Golden Age of hip-hop. With def beats and a certain lyrical acuity, Nitty brings yesteryear into the present, paying homage as she does it. Songs like “Legends of The Game (Golden Era)” and “Auntie Maria’s Crib” don’t just take the listener back in time; they bring the classics into the future and with them a hope that music with depth—and not just width—could again regain its rightful place at the top of the hip-hop hierarchy.

Doobies X Popsicle Sticks, which dropped in November, moved on from freestyling to more records and “dope songs.” It captured the essence of and summed up Nitty’s first summer in the game. Her EP, The Boombox Diaries Vol 1, which doesn’t yet have a release date, will be released sometime this year. Nitty’s goal with that project is to make it as quality as possible and have it touch as many people as possible. Nitty, who proudly claims “team indie,” says she’s enjoying life as an independent artist.

She believes women in the game should respect one another but that it’s not realistic that they should all be friends or fans of one another. “No matter the style, as women in a male-dominated industry, we should respect one another,” she says. In her eyes, “if I make it, it’s girl power; If you make it, it’s girl power” because individual successes by women equal a female presence in the game. Being pigeonholed as a female emcee, Nitty says, is unnecessary and corny and does nothing to advance women in hip-hop.

From her appearance on the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher to venue hopping during this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, Nitty Scott MC has been taking the steps necessary to spread her message and gain the recognition she’s worked so hard for. For her sake and for the sake of those who love hip-hop, let’s hope she catches on and brings good music back to the forefront.

you can follow @NittyScottMC
Doobies X Popsicle Sticks is available for free via datpiff
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