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Harvey Weinstein, MPAA To Host 'Bully' Screening, Panel in Washington, DC

Despite their battle over the film's R rating, the two sides are coming together to discuss the issues presented in the film.

Harvey Weinstein and the MPAA are making nice over Bully, at least for one day.

Even as the two sides continue to battle over the ratings board's decision to give the Lee Hirsch-directed documentary an R rating, they'll come together to host a screening of the film for Washington, DC-area principals and educators and a post-screening discussion panel about the film's message and the hot national debate about peer pressure and bullying.

Participating will be MPAA Chairman Senator Chris Dodd, Weinstein, Hirsch, DC Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson and Dr. Joseph Wright, Senior Vice President and head of the Child Health Advocacy Institute at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington. They'll facilitate a conversation with parents, teachers and students, who are on the frontlines of dealing with the problem every day.

The Weinstein Company purchased the film out of the Tribeca Film Festival last year, and when the MPAA announced that coarse language had led to the picture earning an R rating, Weinstein appealed. Upon losing the appeal, he's threatened to pull out of the organization, and has organized petition signature drives by students to put pressure on the MPAA. 

In return, the National Association of Theater Owners has threatened to treat his future releases as NC-17 movies. In Canada, the film has been given a PG rating.

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