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Chris Brown's new song about beating Rihanna is healthy for his recovery, experts say

In his new song “How I Feel,” Chris Brown, 23, raps about making his mistakes but also expresses his anger for the public’s lack of forgiveness.

“When people use their music to deliver messages, it’s extremely therapeutic — especially if a guy is super macho, and he doesn’t like to share his feelings, this is a perfect way,” says Dr. Gilda, the relationship expert to the stars. “He can get away with expressing his real emotions without looking like a wuss. And that’s what Chris is doing.”

Dr. Jeff Gardere, a contributor to healthguru.com, adds that “How I Feel” exposes Chris’s mixed emotions about his fame and the isolation that comes with it.

“He is telling his life story, that he made it despite the odds…that fame has its rewards, pressures and hypocrites…but he is handling the pressures the best way he can,” Dr. Gardere says. “It’s a lonely existence being at the top, living under a microscope. Despite what anybody thinks, he is just a young man who is maturing, and he is going to make mistakes, but he is doing his best.”

Like the previous experts, Dr. Jenn Berman agrees that Chris’s new song is a cathartic move, but she asserts that his lyrics still leave out two important issues.

“Expressing yourself through music is an important part of your healing process,” the host and therapist of VH1′s Couples Therapy says. “[But] this isn’t a song that engenders forgiveness from the public nor does it address the terrible act of violence against a woman that he supposedly loved. There needs to be healing not just for Rihanna but for the public.”

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