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Books AND Celebrities post?!

Scholastic has a website called You Are What You Read where you can create a "bookprint" which is pretty much the books that have made you who you are. A ton of random (and not so random) celebrities and authors have done this, and I though it was something we literary / pop culture driven folks at ONTD would eat up!

Daniel Radcliffe

“I think it’s fair to say that if we’re talking about the five books that have most influenced my life, I think it would be pretty churlish of me not to say Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for giving me everything that I have and everything that I will have.”

1. The Old Man and the Sea
2. Germinal
3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
4. The Master and the Margarita
5. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Rashida Jones

1. The Giving Tree
2. Wuthering Heights
3. To Kill a Mocking Bird
4. American Pastoral
5. Plato's Symposium

Jim Parsons
"Apparently my 18-month-old self delighted in having [my mom] flip through it while I would point to objects pictured and she would tell me what they were called. I realize this isn't much of a "read" to most people, but I think this was a pretty ingenious way to teach vocabulary to someone." (On the Sears Roebuck & Co. Catalog)

1. Green Eggs and Ham
2. The Road
3. And Then There Were None
4. Home
5. Sears Roebuck & Co.

Kristen Bell
1. The Giving Tree
2. The Little Prince
3. Perks of Being a Wall Flower
4. The Hunger Games
5. A Wrinkle in Time
Based on this list, Kristen Bell and I are meant to be BFF.

Ellen DeGeneres
1. The Catcher in the Rye
2. The Art of Racing in the Rain
3. The Four Agreements
4. Eating Animals
5. Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain

The Jonas Bro.s (who collectively have one bookprint...)
1. The Alchemist
2. By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept
3. A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning
4. A Wrinkle in Time
5. The Bible

Wil Wheaton
1. Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the Tenth Dimension
2. Open Net
3. A Voyage for Madmen
4. The Hacker Crackdown
5. A Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey

Neil deGrasse Tyson (who is the only person who is able to have more than five books on this site... because he is that awesome.)
"The single most influential book in my life. Entertaining and enlightening--a science playground." (On One, Two, Three... Infinity)

1. One, Two, Three… Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science by George Gamow
2. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems by Galileo Galilei
3. The World of Mathematics edited by James Newman
4. The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould
5. Cosmotheros by Christiaan Huygens
6. Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott
7. The Principia by Isaac Newton

There are toooooons more over at the You Are What You Read site - I picked some that I thought were interesting. I also ended up making my own:

Leave yours in the comments! It is all muy, muy interesting. Book nerds, go!

Sources: You Are What You Read / Book Box Daily
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