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Tom Hardy/Easy Rider = OTP?

Well, that didn't take long. Just one day after Tom Hardy inked a first-look deal over at Warner Bros., he's signed up for a new movie with studio.

Hardy will take the lead and produce an untitled biker pic penned by Mark L. Smith ("Vacancy," "The Hole") that takes place in the '60s, is about California's most violent biker club, but is apparently based on original idea from producer John Linson, but apparently has nothing to do with the Hell's Angels. Or least that's what the announcement in Variety would have you believe. Maybe there is legal hoola hoops in using that name, or perhaps the concept from the "Sons Of Anarchy" producer really is novel, but it's a bit odd the biker group isn't mentioned at all.

Anyway, the story would find Hardy playing a wounded Vietnam war vet who returns home who returns to San Francisco in 1969, right at the height of the free lovin', drug takin' Haight Ashbury hippie era and rises to become leader of a biker gang that shall not be named Hell's Angels. We are also guessing that he won't be asked to do security for The Rolling Stones at an Altamont concert that ends up going very badly.

All snarkiness aside, Hardy as badass biker? Sure we can see it, even it seems almost too easy for the versatile actor. But WB seems to like him playing big and brawny as he's got Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises," Max in "Fury Road" (presumably) and possibly Capone in "Cicero" all cooking at the studio. No word yet on when this will lens.

Tags: casting / auditions, tom hardy

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