♀ Critics LOVE Chris✞ina Aguilera's "Casa De Mi Padre" ♀

Anyway, at least Christina Aguilera’s title track for the soundtrack is serviceable enough, an immaculately sung power ballad she seems to be taking far more seriously than the movie’s personnel. (This is a compliment.) From everything that Aguilera’s said and that the music climate indicates, her Bionic follow-up will probably be something acoustic, something like the Sia-penned tracks from that album. But at the very least, this proves Aguilera’s versatile enough that she could make the move -Popdust

The new song finds Aguilera making a welcome return to Latin music. No synthesizers or AutoTune here -- instead, the production has dramatic Spanish guitars, blaring trumpets, and a gospel backing all with a flamenco twist. Aguilera's vocals are in the forefont, doing what she does best: belting and sustaining the notes most can only dream of nailing. -Billboard

The new tune boats no synthesizers or AutoTune, rather swooning mariachi sounds with dramatic trumpets, strings and Spanish guitars giving the atmosphere an authentic flamenco flavor. Aguilera slays the song with her insane range – showcasing her powerful vocal skills nicely. -MTV