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Kreayshawn: “I don’t need black fans anyways, ya’ll don’t buy albums”

Kreayshawn has horrible luck with her twitter page over the past year. Last August, somebody hacked into her twitter and posted nude photo’s of her while she was attending the VMA’s in Los Angeles. Kreayshawn later claimed that the photos taken while she was under age and demanded that they be taken off the internet.

Well, last night Kreayshawn’s twitter was hacked yet again and someone (aka her) posted a series of racist tweets that angered many of her fans. The tweets said:

“I don’t need black fans anyways, ya’ll don’t buy albums. Sometimes I wish slavery was still going on”

“I can say what I want about black people. It’s not like I’m ever gonna tour Africa anyway”

“Looks like a f*cking Popeye’s just opened up in my mentions. You monkeys got your taxes back already?”

Gm guys, last nite someone hacked my page, I am sorry, I love FRIED CHICKEN! Forgive me.”

Obviously, this caused a uproar and people immediately started attacking the young rapper. Kreayshawn and her team deleted the racist tweets and put her page to private.

Kreay later tweeted that she might just hand over her twitter account to her label because she is sick of being hacked: I really hate twitter that’s why I blocked my tweets. Damn near bout to give my account up to my record label and have them tweet for me.


Who the fuck added the interview tag? This is not an interview. It's an article about tweets. 
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