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Blind Items

My Day as a One-Act Play: The role of maddyPWNSj00 will be played by the cat. Everyone calling me at work will be played by the dog

1. She’s not a regular Mom. She’s a cool Mom! When her daughter has a gig, she doesn’t just show up and clap. She parties hard with her daughter’s friends until the wee hours of the morning. And when Mom’s partying, she and her mouth get totally out of control. On a bender last week – and while her daughter was on the other side of the room – she regaled a large group of people with the most intimate and disgusting details of her daughter’s sexual conquests. She told stories about a famous singer who thought her daughter was beautiful (“He likes to take the virginity of his groupies!”), an heir to a family fortune (“Good thing he has a handsome face, because his penis is really small!), and a slimy actor (“He likes the back door, and he said that [my daughter] was the best sex he’s ever had… and he’s had everybody!”). It’s nice to see a Mom so proud of her her little princess. Blind Gossip
My Guess: Dina Lohan being an idiot bragging about Lindsay banging Aaron Carter, Harry Morton, and Wilmer "life ruiner" Valderama

2. This could turn out to be a tweener catfight. You know even , when you are a tweener, there are apparently jealousies and lots and lots of sexual backstabbing. So, this former A list female tweener (No Love)has not said two words directly to this also former A list female tweener (Not So Innocent)since despite having to sometimes work together. It all goes back to when they both were on the same network. No Love used to hate how goody goody Not So Innocent was or at least pretended to be. Turns out that Not So Innocent was the queen of the quickie when it came to oral and No Love felt like Not So Innocent should have the horrible reputation. So, whenever Not So Innocent liked some guy, that is who No Love went after. It is how she ended up with her long term relationship which just ended. Of course No Love ended up looking trashy during that too which killed her because she waited forever before she even had sex with the boyfriend while Not So Innocent was with anyone and everyone. If not for the fact one of these tweeners is not a fan of women, she would have probably had the whole family. Not So Innocent’s current boyfriend was deciding between No Love and Not So Innocent at one point, but No Love, as much as she hates Not So Innocent, could not stop laughing everytime this current A list tweener opened his mouth to speak. So, he made his second choice. Well, actually third, because his second choice ended up in rehab after they had sex. CDAN
My Guess: Queen Miley is No Love, Selena Gomez is Not So Innocent, Justin Bieber is the A-list tweener who Miley was like "LOL NO" at, and Demi was his first choice.

3. There is much concern for this actress. She has always liked to “party”, but all of her friends which used to go on vacation with her and snort up that Colombian Marching Powder first thing in the morning, knocked back with a shot of tequila, have since grown up and moved on. The problem is, she hasn’t. In fact, she’s desperately looking for a “party” with anyone she can find it. Perhaps, she can’t deal with the notion that her great love has found happiness. But she is making stupid decisions, and her most recent hook-up has been known to go on 48-hour coke binges….and turns violent. Expect a checked into rehab statement any day soon. Celebzter
My Guess: Cameron Diaz drowning and snorting her sorrows since JT is engaged to Jessica Biel and she hooked up with Doo Diddy P Daddy Doodle

4. Which B list always movie actress was introduced to coke by her sisters who are also famous. Their favorite game was watching their not even teen sister get high on coke. That turned into an addiction which turned into a nose job. A not very good one, but her acting career has not suffered. CDAN
My Guess: Elizabeth Olsen

5. What A-list actress, who’s currently going through legal battles with her partner, has actually asked friends to make untruthful and damaging claims about her ex? Apparently she wants him out of the picture so she can move out of the country. CDAN
My Guess: Halle Berry

6. This newest celebrity who is only famous for being famous, (and really only became so because of the internet) is constantly hatching plans to stay in the limelight. Don’t worry fans, she’s got a sex tape all cooked up and coming your way! Buzz Foto
My Guess: I wanna say Courtney Stodden....except that would be a felony

I'm moving on Saturday to a new apartment only a 20min walk from my work and my roommate has 2 fat cats. Chipotle and Starbucks are 1 block away. I'M TOO EXCITED RN SOMEBODY HOLD ME DOWN

lametown, population: lj cuts tbh
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