justin bieber's mom capitalizing on his fame, writing a tell-all book

Her son is prepping his second photo book, but Pattie Mallette, mother of international pop sensation Justin Bieber, is planning something far more revealing — an intimate memoir about her difficult youth and how she turned it all around when she became pregnant with Justin.

Billboard reports Mallette has inked a deal with Christian book publisher Revell to open up about her traumatic upbringing, which included violence, substance abuse and a suicide attempt at age 17.

"Pattie's story is a powerful example of courage and determination that will inspire anyone who has faced struggles in life," Revell editorial director Jennifer Leep said in a statement. "She's living proof that even in the darkest of places, there is always room for hope."

Mallette intends her story to inspire women suffering through similarly difficult circumstances, saying, "I want them to see that no matter how desperate their circumstances may be, they can have hope for a better future."

The memoir will be released in September, the same month her son will drop his second photo book, "Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started." Bieber's first book, "First Step 2 Forever: My Story," was released in October 2010 and has sold more than 1 million copies in 25 languages.

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