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Björk shows off her mini me daughter Isadora

She's recently returned to the stage in an educational and musical spectacular Biophilia.

But off stage, she's got some more educating to do with her own daughter Isadora.

And there's no mistaking the famous parentage of the cute nine-year-old, as she accompanied her mother in New York yesterday.

Spotted out and about in the Big Apple, it appears young Isadora has inherited her mother's love of colourful and eclectic fashion.

Bjork lives in Brooklyn Heights with her partner, artist Matthew Barney and Isadora, where they have resided for nearly three years.

The singer also has a 26-year-old son Sindri Eldon Thórsson, from a previous relationship with her former Sugarcubes bandmates Thór Eldon.

In a recent interview with New York magazine, she admitted she was surprised she lived in the city.

She said: 'I never thought I would ever move to such an urban city.

'I could never live in Manhattan - I’m too Icelandic for that. But there are incredible schools here.

'I get claustrophobic in urban situations, but at least here you have the option to relate to the sky.'

Bjork recently completed a residency in New York for her 'live show and education series' Biophilia, which is set to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina next month.

The show follows on from her album of the same name, which is about natural science and musicology.

The album was also released as a collection of iPad and iPhone apps.

The video for the latest single from the album, Hollow, was released this week.


i can't believe she's 9 already!
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