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11 Spin-Offs We'd Like To See From Entertainment Weekly

Schmidt, New Girl
The Spin-off: Schmidt Happens

The Premise Jess' lovably jerky roommate (Max Greenfield) uses funds from the overflowing douche-bag jar to open a high-end steak house in Miami. His kinky ex Gretchen (Natasha Lyonne) runs the front of house, while Food Network star Guy Fieri tries his hand at acting as a mouthy line cook.

Monroe, Grimm
The Spin-off: Bad Blood

The Premise The Pilates-practicing pacifist werewolf (Silas Weir Mitchell) searches for his origins and finds a community of like-minded German Blutbaden who are beset by violent rival werewolves. Monroe stays to defuse a potential civil war but runs afoul of old-world demons.

Roz Washington, Glee
The Spin-off: Synchronized Winning

The Premise After Principal Figgins cuts McKinley's athletics budget, Roz (NeNe Leakes) packs up her Olympic bronze medal and takes on a coaching job in Celebration, Fla. The tough-talking aquathlete has to woo sunny pool moms as she molds a ragtag group of teenagers into swim-team champions.

Eli Gold, The Good Wife
The Spin-off: Gold Standard

The Premise Lockhart & Gardner's cutthroat consultant (Alan Cumming) heads off to Hollywood to become a high-­powered agent. Early clients include a self-destructive starlet (Skyler Samuels), a struggling action hero (Josh Holloway), and a former It Girl (Melanie Griffith) who now gets more DUIs than parts.

Nolan Ross, Revenge
The Spin-off: Some Like It Hot

The Premise The scheming Nolcorp billionaire (Gabriel Mann) flees the backstabbing Hamptons for Costa Rica, where he purchases an old coffee plantation from a politically powerful land baron (Jimmy Smits) and his calculating wife (Eva Longoria). Expect romance, intrigue, computer hacking, and lots of espresso.

Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation
The Spin-off: The Thinkers

The Premise Fed up with big government, Ron (Nick Offerman) joins Pawnee's private sector by forming a think tank committed to debunking other think tanks. Working closely with his breakfast-hating assistant (Julieanne Smolinski) and his one consultant — a disaffected analyst who was asked to leave MIT (Patton Oswalt) — Ron works to unseat the gladhanding king of Pawnee thinkery (Kevin Spacey).

Pepper Saltzman, Modern Family
The Spin-off: A Dash of Pepper

The Premise Each week, the improvised series welcomes a new set of outrageous guests (from RuPaul's Drag Race finalists to Christopher Guest) into the home of L.A.'s most fabulous power gay (Nathan Lane). With every over-the-top theme brunch, the stakes are raised. Can Pepper's favorites survive another week at his table, or will they prove too bland?

Dana Hartz, Happy Endings
The Spin-off: Hartz and Solis

The Premise Booted from one boat show too many, Penny's mom (Megan Mullally) becomes a licensed private detective and opens up a boutique agency with a former mariachi performer (Tony Plana). They take delight in taking down cheating husbands and insurance scammers, sometimes with a rousing beat.

Hazel Wassername, 30 Rock
The Spin-off: If They Could Sea Me Now

The Premise Hazel (Kristen Schaal) leaves TGS when she gets a gig on a cruise ship. Despite a Dramamine-hoarding nemesis (Sarah Silverman), Hazel befriends a motley crew of cruise carnies who help her through the choppy waters of life.

Faye Chamberlain, The Secret Circle
The Spin-off: Belltown, Book and Candle

The Premise Chance Harbor's bad girl (Phoebe Tonkin) outgrows small-town life and relocates to Seattle. Enraptured by a local aeronautics heir (Eddie Redmayne), she captivates him with her looks and sass (and a little magic). But there's more to this suave suitor than meets the eye. Is Faye seducing him, or is he playing her?

Carl McMillan, Mike & Molly
The Spin-off: Carl's Junior

The Premise Carl (Reno Wilson) is awakened in the middle of the night when one of his ''lady friends'' — of the night — unexpectedly reveals she had his child five months earlier. She's gone by morning, but Carl's sister Rita (Gabourey Sidibe) moves in to help. Chicago's most sardonic policeman is no match for his salty sister, but they have to pull together for the sake of the kid.

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