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And So The Media Backtracking Their Comments About The Wanted Begins...

"don't believe everything you read"

Yesterday we reported quotes that the Metro newspaper had run from The Wanted's Max George, talking about One Direction.

The paper printed that after The Wanted's amazing Billboard success in the States, Max had said of 1D; "I'm not sure how well they're actually doing yet. they're more faces, if you know what I mean."

Last night Max and the boys took to their Twitter accounts to set the record straight;

"Don't believe everything u read. We like to party but we do not have an interest in hating on anyone else. We do us and r proud 2 see others do the same.

"We work hard and have since day 1. no rumor will stop that. our actions will speak louder and our music and character is #1. so we will speak for ourselves and let you know THE WANTED are about a good time. Every fan from 2 years old to 80 is appreciated and loved...for anyone to say otherwise is just wrong.

"not gonna stand for back to what we love which is our fans, this music, and these shows. No one is gonna take that away from us. You cant. it is too real.

"just 2 bad that we work hard 2 get representation on certain blogs & when they finally speak about us they do it with something that isnt us." [sic]

Max further stressed the point, saying; "Just to clear up... I think interviews have been twisted and made into much dramtatic than what they were.. We appreciate all other artists.

"And all fans of any age, whether youre 1 or 90. Anyone who says or thinks different is full of shit. Hope this puts peoples minds at rest xx"

As even a chimp who lives on Planet Zorgen will be able to tell you, Sugarscape have supported The Wanted from day 1 and have a wildy inappropriate crush on each and every one of them. We went to see them on Saturday night and nearly wet ourselves with glee (actually, a bit probably did come out if we're honest...).
oh media never change.
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