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Making 'Friends' With Megan Fox

Megan Fox insists it's not a conscious career move, but take one look at the "Transformers" alum's 2012 movie lineup and you'll notice a pattern: comedy, comedy, comedy.

It all begins this week with "Friends With Kids," an indie ensemble co-starring Jennifer Westfeldt (who also wrote and directed), Kristen Wiig, John Hamm, Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph and more, in which Fox plays the sultry young girlfriend to new father Scott. Next comes what promises to be a hilarious cameo in summer's "The Dictator" before a more prominent role in Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up" spin-off "This Is Forty."

The famously candid Fox did not disappoint when we sat down with her at the Toronto International Film Festival, discussing everything from her "boring" life away from the party scene to judging her replacement in "Transformers 3" to the possibility of playing Wonder Woman (sorry fanboys … it ain't looking good).

Wait, so "Friends With Kids"… not a sequel to "Friends With Benefits"?
Right  … no. But just a giant orgy of all of these people that are on the poster. [laughs]

And you look at all those people and might also confuse it for a sequel to "Bridesmaids."
Right, but we did it before "Bridesmaids." But yeah, nobody knew that "Bridesmaids" was going to blow up the way that it did.  So we have Kristen, Maya, John, Chris O’Dowd.

What could you relate to about your character Mary Jane?
I mean, I guess there was a point in my life where I was able to be really self-centered. [starts cracking knuckles]. Sorry, I have to crack them, it's driving me crazy now … But I started dating Brian when I was 18, and he already had a son who was 2, so I haven't had that period in time that most people have in their early '20s where really everything is self-centered and they're their own main priority.  And it's always been about trying to blend and how to make this family work … So I don't really relate to Mary Jane at all. I mean she's not even like a real animal lover, which is kind of the opposite of me.

But you did have that in common though, you said Brian had a kid, and Adam's character in the movie who Mary Jane dates has one as well.
Yeah, but I've always loved kids, I have always been a mini-mommy, even when I was a baby I always had baby dolls that I was reading to and I was brushing their hair or I was feeding them. Real babies I would take them and I wanted to care for them all the time. So I never had that weird "I don’t know about this" or "This makes me uncomfortable" or "Ewww, poop is scary" [moment]. I never had that problem.  I love it … I mean, I don't love poop, but I love it. You know what I'm saying. I love babies.

Gotcha. And then there's the main conflict of the movie which revolves around seeing all your friends getting married and having kids and becoming un-fun or unhappy. Have you experienced that?
Well, again, because I was with [Brian] when I was 18 and he was already 31, he was already at the point where his little gang of guy friends that he had grown up with, they were already splintering off and mating off and having families and children, so I stepped right into that. So now when we have New Year's Eve, everybody will come over to our house and we'll wait for the countdown and as soon as it's New Years everyone just scatters in different directions and they all go home and go to bed. There's no partying and drinking because we're all old and really boring. We just want to cuddle in bed and watch "The Daily Show."

So your life has gotten boring?
I don't think it's boring, I love it. I hate going out and being in crowds or being in clubs. I can't deal with it and I don't like it, I've never liked it. For a period when I was 18, because I was finally legal, I did it and I was always like, "Man I don't get it, but maybe I just have to keep doing it and eventually it's like beer, it'll grow on you, the taste of it." And it never did. It's not my thing, it's not my persona. I'm a Taurus, we're boring, if you're into astrology. What's your sign?

I'm a Libra.
Oh that's a good sign for boys. You're supposed to be nice and level-headed. You're supposed to be fair and just, because of the scale.

I'd like to think that.
Publicist Leslie Sloane Interjects: We'll see after how this interview goes.

Will do my best to live up to that. So among "Friends With Kids" and "The Dictator" and "This is 40," it seems like you're making some moves into comedy. Are you secretly conspiring to become the funniest women in America?
I wish I could say that I conspire to do anything but I don't. Things just come around and meetings come up and there are people that I like. I liked Jen [Westfeldt] and she wrote an amazing script so I wanted to be in the movie, and obviously who doesn't want to work for Judd Apatow? He's the king of comedy and he's also the nicest man I've ever met in my life. And Sacha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius so the opportunity to work with him on something, I wanted to do.

These are all people I admire and love and what I found is working on comedy sets is a much easier experience than working on a drama or a thriller or an action movie. And you go home at night and you're not exhausted and you're not bruised or bleeding or scarred. You go home and you go to bed and you wake up and you'e really happy to go to work the next day because everybody's happy. It's nice.

More of the interview at the source --- including her thoughts on Rose Huntington-Whitely...

Source: NextMovie

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