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Emotional Penn Jillette presents $40,000 to Opportunity Village on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Penn Jillette erupts as a boisterous stage and television personality, but he grows quiet and emotional as he talks about Las Vegas’ Opportunity Village.

The nonprofit, which benefits the intellectually challenged, touches the heart of the illusionist who appears with silent parter Teller in the Rio showroom.

On Sunday, Jillette delivered two checks for $20,000 each to Opportunity Village to open NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” He had earned the donations during last week’s episode.

“They just want the opportunity to wake up in the morning and do what you and I do,” Jillette said, struggling to speak to the camera.

Jillette popped in to hand out the checks on the previously recorded show.

“We sure didn’t expect Penn to walk in here with these checks,” Linda Smith, chief development officer for Opportunity Village, told viewers.

Star Trek original George Takei didn’t fare as well this week as Jillette.

Takei had to lead the men’s Unanimous team in creating a window display for Ivanka Trump’s fashion and jewelry collection.

The women’s Forte team, captained by former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, won the challenge.

But it was former Las Vegas Peepshow diva Aubrey O’Day who once again emerged as a star by coming up with the concept for the winning design.

Donald Trump fired Takei, risking the ratings loss of alienating Trekkies everywhere.


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