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We knew this death was coming!!! #Walking Dead Spoiler/ Mega Post.

Latest spoilers reveal The Walking Dead is only going to get darker and more insane!

Recent episodes of The Walking Dead have had plenty of shocking moments, but that's nothing compared to what's coming next week, if a lengthy, ultra-spoilery description can be believed. Plus Robert Kirkman explains why the show's third season will be even darker than the comics!

The latest major spoiler has hit, this time for next week's episode "Better Angels." If these reports are to be believed, this is the episode where Shane finally dies, — which feels like it should hardly even qualify as a spoiler anymore, but moving on — and it's at Rick's hands. Specifically, Shane spends a while explaining how there's no way the two of them can both be around anymore, and he dares Rick to kill him in cold blood, which he feels sure Rick won't have the guts to do. Rick then puts down his gun and approaches him — only to stab Shane with a hidden knife. However, Shane comes back as a zombie, at which point Carl shows up and kills him. All this is meant to cement Rick's downward path to being more like Shane than his previous self. As always, take this with a grain of salt, although you can of course read the much lengthier description at the link and judge its veracity for yourself.[SpoilerTV]

Comics creator Robert Kirkman discusses how Dale's death will affect the group at large:

Losing that role is very important. This is the time more than ever when they really need someone to stand there and say, "Hey, this is not the popular decision, but I'm still voicing this because it needs to be said." They don't have that. Now, we don't know how they're going to deal with Randall and we don't know what they're going to do as Rick and Shane continue to butt heads. They've lost a very important piece of their ensemble, and so they're not going to be able to make the same decisions they would have made and that's really going to affect the group as a whole. They are kind of in a bad place and we're going to have to deal with that.

He also addresses how Carl's indirect culpability in Dale's death will affect him going forward:

The fun of this world is dealing with Carl. It's one thing to have grown to adulthood in the world before and not have to deal with the indirect civilization and all the different things that are going on now, but to have never grown to adulthood and to not really have any kind of basis for realizing how screwed up things are — this is Carl's normal. So while he did — to a certain extent — cause Dale's death, how he deals with that is going to be very different than how someone would deal with that if they had not grown up in this world. We're going to see him grow and change over time and twist and turn into something that may not be recognizable as what we perceive a child to be, which is really kind of cool.

He also suggests there will be some major revelations about the nature of the zombies by the end of the season. There's more at the link. [The Live Feed]

Elsewhere, Kirkman talks some more about the casting of State of Play actor and Doctor Who guest star David Morrissey as the Governor:

We were looking for David Morrissey is the answer to that. We were looking for that perfect guy and he turned out to be it. It was a long, grueling casting process but I think that after the success of cast members like Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan (who is Philadelphia-born, but in large part U.K.-raised) we have learned the value of a British actor. David Morrissey, more than any other actor we were looking at, came in and definitely understood the role, was excited about doing it justice, and was willing to take the heat of coming in and being such a well known, beloved character that people have expectations for. He's looking forward to playing a villain, which is pretty exciting.

There's more at the link, including Kirkman's take on Tom Savini's lobbying for the part. [EW]

In another interview, Kirkman talks in general terms about just how dark and extreme the third season is going to get:

There are some things coming up in the 3rd season that I can happily and proudly say exceed some of the darkest things that we've done in the comic. I think people are really going to be pretty shocked with a lot of stuff that's coming. The show is gonna have teeth, the show is not going to be a watered down version of the Walking Dead [comic]. Seeing it thus far, you've got zombie autopsies, Sophia, and there is definitely a lot of dark stuff going on in the show, and it'll continue.

[We Love Cult]

Here's an interview with Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus.

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