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The 25 Best Sitcom/Cartoon Couples

 Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonaise – “Doug” 
Doug and Patty’s love clearly doesn’t extend towards their future children, who, one way or the other, are screwed in the last-name department.

(My favorite moment on Parks. Ever. They belong in the Top5, imo...)

 Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope – “Parks and Recreation” 

It’s not every day a guy who isn’t Bill Clinton can survive a political blow like sleeping with someone you shouldn’t. Ben’s love for Leslie prevented a scandal, and also his goals for the future, minus the one about being in love. So it’s all fine.

 Frank and Marie Barone – “Everybody Loves Raymond” 

Frank and Marie’s undying devotion can probably be entirely attributed to the fact they can spy on their son 24/7. Nothing unites two people quite like meddling in their immediate family’s affairs.

Al and Peg Bundy – “Married with Children”

Sometimes the secret to a good marriage is simply not murdering the other person in the marriage, which was quite an achievement for Al and Peggy. Despite pretty much hating each other, they somehow worked.

Jesse and Rebecca Katsopolis – “Full House”
Jesse and Becky are from two different worlds, which is why it’s even weirder that, given the choice between the two worlds, they chose the one where the are married adults who have to live in an attic.

 Cosmo and Wanda – “The Fairly Odd Parents”

It must put a strain on a relationship when, at any moment, either person can magic themselves up a hotter, younger, more willing partner. Luckily, Cosmo and Wanda make their own magic. Ew, no, not like that. NOT LIKE THAT.

 Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate – “Parks and Recreation”

April and Andy surprised everyone by getting married only shortly after getting together, then surprised everyone again by making it work brilliantly. Then they surprised everyone AGAIN by getting a one-legged dog! They’re the best!

 Cliff and Clair Huxtable – “The Cosby Show"
Look, there’s no one secret to a successful marriage, but the fact that Clair stands by and supports Cliff through eight season of horrendous sweaters is proof of something deeper than mortal love.

 Fred and Wilma Flintstone – “The Flintstones”

Who says love didn’t exist in the time of the dinosaurs? Scientists, for one, but what do they know? Apart from science. Fred and Wilma are irrefutable proof that two people could co-exist millions of years ago. And that science is dumb.

 Tim “The Tool Man” and Jill Taylor – “Home Improvement”

Over the years, Tim and Jill tried to find common interests. Surprisingly, ladies don’t like tools or sports, and guys don’t like ballet or emotional honesty. At least they love the hell out of each other regardless.

 Tobias and Lindsay Funke – “Arrested Development”

It’s fair to say Lindsay and Tobias are failures in just about every aspect of their lives except their marriage. That two people can withstand bankruptcy, homelessness, probable homosexuality, and remain faithful, is probably a good thing, right?

Phil and Claire Dunphy – “Modern Family”

Phil and Claire deserve plenty of recognition for keeping the spark alive while surrounded by their unstable lineage. Still, partial credit should also go to Clive Bixby.

 Hal and Lois – “Malcolm in the Middle”

Hal and Lois‘ offspring were the main focus on the show, but that didn’t make their marriage any less important or functional, which, considering Lois‘ uncontrollable rage and Hal’s twice-daily mental breakdowns, is a feat.

Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett – “Modern Family”

Cam and Mitch are not only an inspirational same-sex couple, but also an inspiration to those couples who can’t help but fight all the time as well. Bickering unites us all.

Leonard and Penny – “The Big Bang Theory”

If anything, being a “nerd” seems to increase your chances of romantic bliss in a sitcom nowadays, which is weird, because Penny seems pretty happy and she’s not a nerd at all.

Peter and Lois Griffin – “Family Guy”

In a show where anything (seriously, ANYTHING) can happen, the central couple has stayed strong throughout. Peter and Lois have stuck by each other through think, thin, and “Oh dear God, what?!” 

 Chandler and Monica Bing – “Friends”

With all the pairing up, the show could just have been called “Uhh… who knows?!” and been just as accurate. Unlike “that other” couple on the show, Monica and Chandler actually started off as friends, which is what made their drunken, messy get-together all the sweeter. In the least creepy way possible.

 Cory and Topanga Matthews – “Boy Meets World”

Corey and Topanga not only grew together throughout the show until its end in 2000 (Boo! Too soon!) But they also grew up, making it through middle school, high school, and college, and still wanting to see each other naked. Kudos!

Ross Geller and Rachel Green – “Friends”
Everything you need to know about what makes this couple wonderful is covered in the phrase “Ross and Rachel”. It no longer means just Ross and Rachel, but is the set standard for any successful sitcom relationship


 Turk and Carla Turk – “Scrubs” 

They say opposites attract, is why the overgrown man-child Turk and the super-sensible Carla pairing makes sense. How two people can be opposites and yet equally awesome, however, remains a mystery.

Eric Foreman and Donna Pinciotti – “That 70’s Show”

The 70s were a time of bright colors, abstract music, and, probably more importantly, sexual freedom. Why did these two young, attractive 70s teens get together? It is a mystery that will plague us until the end of time.

 J.D. and Elliot – “Scrubs”

When you put smart, sexy, stressed people in a room together, you know they’re going to do it. It was inevitable that J.D. and Elliot were going to fall for each other, because nothing spells inevitable love like sharing the threat of seeing death every day and a workplace seemingly comprised 100% of psychotic colleagues.

Homer and Marge Simpson – “The Simpsons”

It’s getting harder to accept that Homer and Marge aren’t in a real, loving marriage. Perhaps some of the success of their marriage can be put down to physical attraction: 25 years later and neither looks to have aged a day. You can try your best to have a marriage as good as these two, but you’ll fail miserably. The lesson is, never try.

Jim and Pam Halpert – “The Office”

The ultimate “will they/won’t they?” story of the 21st century was so good it’s now been done in 8 different versions of the same show. Jim and Pam danced around each other for three years before realizing, duh, they were meant to be from the get-go.

 Marshall and Lily Eriksen – “How I Met Your Mother”

It’s impossible to imagine that, without the consistently happy and adorable Eriksens, How I Met Your Mother would be anywhere near as enjoyable as it is now. Since season 2’s tiny fight, the pair have remained steadfast, their love for each other match only by their mutual love for the film Tommy Boy. While Ted, Robin, and Barney cycle endlessly through disastrously mismatched partners, it’s wonderful to have these two characters always reminding us that love is out there in a world where a grown man can hold his children hostage in a room for SEVEN YEARS and tell them a story which still doesn’t look like ending any time soon.

Did your faves make the list? Anyone left of?

(Lawd, this was time consuming....)

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