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Long Hair Dudes ?

Remember how much fun we had last time?

9 Guys Who Look Hotter With Long Hair

Last night was the premiere of “Friday Night Lights” star Taylor Kitsch’s new movie, “John Carter.” Whatever, who cares about the movie, can we talk about the hair? We have a problem — Riggins’ magic hair is gone! Gone! I’m shedding a tear(s) for it right now. But Kitsch is sadly not the only guy who sacrificed his pretty long hair for an ugly short hairstyle. Click through to see several other sexy celebs who seriously depleted their hotness by cutting their long locks.

Josh Holloway
I've never watched "Lost" because I don't have 50 zillion free hours. Maybe the next time I get mono or am quarantined, I will. But even I know that Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer on the show, looked so much better with long hair.

Eddie Vedder
Clearly, a grungeman's power lies in his long, gorgeous locks, Eddie Vedder. What were you thinking?

Johnny Depp

Short-haired Johnny Depp looks a little bit like your "Jersey Shore" cousin. Long-haired Johnny Depp, on the other hand, is a hunkasaurus rex.

Gavin Rossdale

Gwen, and the world, loved Gavin Rossdale for his long hair.

Jared Leto

We've previously elucidated the problems with Jared Leto 2.0 (that would be post Jordan Catalano Leto), but had failed to mention his douche-y haircut. Well now you know.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was adorably sexy no matter what, but his golden curls certainly helped things, didn't they?

Justin Bobby

Remember "The Hills"' bad-boy dude Justin Bobby? How could you forget this bastion of hot dude assholish-ness? It seems that his hold on Audrina (like his hold on all of us) slipped when he cut his luxurious long locks. C'est la vie, Justin Bobby, c'est la vie.

Orlando Bloom

Short-haired Orlando Bloom is a boring accountant. Long-haired Bloom? An adorably sexy elf.


I hate when lists are not even so I added this piece of yum yum ( We need some color imho rude list is r00d )

Keith Hamilton Cobb will always be a stunner imo but when was Noah with dem dreads....hammercy!!!

Do you like men with long hair?
It Depends


Do you guys agree? do you guise like long hair ?
I dedicate this post to the lovely fashi0nbaby for obvious reasons ;)
I added a poll guys I can't get the poll option to work -__- I dunno waut is going on
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