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brian littrell reports theft!

Backstreet Boy reports $120,000 jewelry theft

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (AP) — A member of the Backstreet Boys pop music group tells police that $120,000 in jewelry was stolen from a Stone Mountain hotel where he and his wife were staying.

Brian Littrell tells WSB-TV they were leaving Stone Mountain Park outside Atlanta when they realized the jewelry had been left on a nightstand in their hotel room. He said that when they returned to the hotel to retrieve the items, they were gone.

Leighanne Littrell says the $120,000 in jewelry included her engagement ring valued at $110,000.

WSB reports that police were at the hotel Sunday night. It wasn't immediately clear when the reported theft occurred.


don't they live in atlanta?  why would they be staying at a hotel outside of atlanta then?  idk.  but damn, hide your jewerly yo when you're in a hotel.  hotel safe. 

Backstreet Boy says $110K ring stolen from Stone Mountain hotel

A member of the singing group Backstreet Boys says someone stole his wife's engagement ring worth $110,000 off a hotel nightstand.

Brian Littrell told Channel 2's Tony Thomas that his family was staying at the Evergreen Marriott Resort at Stone Mountain over the weekend.

He said after they checked out and were leaving the park, his wife, Leighanne, realized she didn't have any of her jewelry. The couple immediately returned to the hotel, but said by the time they got to the room, all $120,000 worth of jewelry was missing.

"It was just kind of weird how it happened and how fast," Brian Littrell said.

"I kept my rings on the bedside table, we left the room and 15 minutes I came back , they're gone." Leighanne Littrell said.

The couple called security and said they spent several hours at the resort on Sunday,  filing reports and speaking with investigators.

Sunday night, a Channel 2 Action News crew spotted both Park police and a GBI agent at the hotel. Police will only confirm they are working a stolen property case.

The GBI is routinely called in to handle investigations for the smaller Park Police Department, which is also a state agency.

While police aren't commenting, Littrell said he believes there has been a break in the case.

Some of the jewelry has been found, but not the ring.

"We were going to leave, but come to find out there was a person, not to be named on the housekeeping, had one ring that we were looking for and one of the earrings," Littrell said.

The Littrells returned to their Metro Atlanta home Sunday evening, hoping the six-carat diamond ring will turn up.

Leighanne Littrell said she is, "Just devestated , I mean not the money, but because my husband designed my engagement ring, my wedding band. "

The Littrells said they are considering offering a reward in the case.

source2 - video hereee (thanks to misha_bsb for the link!)
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