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'PROJECT X' STAR I Once Banged 3 Chicks ... in a REAL PORNO!

He looks vaguely familiar ... but you can't place exactly where the hell you saw the nerdy guy in glasses from "Project X" before -- well here's a hint ... he banged three smoking hot chicks in a popular porno you watched.

His name's Jonathan Daniel Brown and he plays JB in the new Todd Phillips movie -- his first big acting gig -- but TMZ has learned, he made his on-screen debut about three years ago ... in a slightly less popular title ... "Nerd Hunting," a Bang Bros. production.

Sources close to Jonathan tell TMZ he wasn't gunning for a career in porn at the time -- he was just looking for some first time on-screen experience ... "It was just kids being kids."

Nothing to be ashamed about either ... the girls in the porn flick are ridiculously hot -- and we're told JB's still got the magic touch, attracting serious female attention ever since the studio began screening "Project X" ... a movie that's already been hailed as an instant classic. Plus it did well in midnight showings, so a return to porn won't be needed anytime soon.

So there you have it -- Jonathan Brown ... the nerd you wish you could be.

Here is the main page hosting from the company he *performed* for, Bang bros.
Click HERE if you'd like to see some of the video..or you have a nerd fetish.
Click here... you know if you want to download it.

eta: apparently he was on a reality FOX TV show called " Seducing Cindy"

TMZ source.
Tags: nudes / nsfw / nip slips
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