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'She's done': Lindsay Lohan Saturday Night Live spot gets brutally critiqued on Twitter

In the modern world of social networking people can post their reaction to events almost instantaneously.

And unfortunately for Lindsay Lohan, celebrities and armchair critics alike were lining up to slate her Saturday Night Live appearance on Twitter.

The 25-year-old's rambling performance was one of the hottest subjects on the website, and people were not pulling any punches.

Perhaps the most damning statement was one of the most economical.

Disgusted Fox Boogie said: ‏'Lindsay Lohan('s) done. Lost it.'

Plenty of others used her performance as an opportunity to create some comedy material.

Award-winning comedian Andy Borowitz was one of the first to stick the boot in.

He posted an imaginary quote attributed to Lana del Rey which said: '‏I can't believe SNL would let Lindsay Lohan embarrass herself like this.'

Cliff Skighwalker ‏said: 'Y'all see Lindsay Lohan reading her lines on SNL? Trashy.'

While Kurt D. Soller ‏said: 'The only thing Lindsay Lohan seems addicted to is the SNL cue cards.'

Perhaps the harshest gag at her expense came from a user named Drunk Enough, who said: 'This may be the first time Lindsay Lohan had trouble doing lines. '

Some people were even trying to make excuses as to why the Mean Girls actress (lol) was so bad on the show:

Thomas Brewster said: 'Lindsay Lohan is obviously reading from cue cards and unprepared. Too many interviews this week?'

Not everyone was using it as an excuse to lay into the former child star, with some saying how depressing her appearance was. Brandon Wilson said:‏ 'Don't know if I can handle SNL. Lohan makes me sad. She had talent.'

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