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Pilots, Prototypes, and Stranger Bitches : The Sequel :) An ONTD Original

Happy Saturday you guys , I hope all is well and you are all enjoying the weekend so far.

This post is a follow up to this one, A couple of people asked if I could make a part 2 so I decided to do it.  Special thanks to all of the people who helped out ;)

Shall we begin?

Bianca Montgomery
Were you all aware that this character was played by 7 different actresses? Eden Reigel set the bar really high when she portrayed  the lesbian daughter of Erica Kane. After Reigel's official departure in 2010 ABC hired a dollar tree doppleganger Christina Bennett Lind to fill in.

BUT!!!! Did you know that the third actress to portray Bianca was one of the plastics? That's right Lacey Chambert portrayed Bianca Montgomery at one point.

Carly Corinthos
When the little troublemaker Carly came to Port Charles to make Bobbie Spencer's life a living hell , ex VR Troopers star Sarah Brown originated the role and went on to win a Daytime Emmy.

After Sarah quit she was replaced by Tamara Braun who started off as a wannabe but eventually became an HBIC in her own right.
Sadly Tamara quit the show and the people in charge of the casting were doing some kind of drugs because they allowed this to happen.

O_O we soap fans like to pretend that this stranger bitch version of Carly never existed , Though I do feel bad because the fans were awful to her. Laura Wright is now in control of things .... and winning Emmys like a boss!!!

But we cannot forget Sarah Brown's return to the show , this time as Claudia Zacchara who is now dead. It was revealed that she has a son (whom we all thought was her brother) who in reality is maybe like 6 years younger than her ( I am not kidding lol ).

Victoria Lord/Buchanan
We all know Erika Slezak as Vicki Buchanan don't we? To Soap fans she is the only actress that really matters .
When the series began in 1968 the role was originated by Gillian Spencer....but we don't care because Erika is the boss!!!


Years before that mockery of an X-men film was released and January Jones was chosen to play a basic ass Emma Frost
Queen Finola Hughes also known as Anna Devane portrayed White Queen in the made for tv movie Generation X. YOU MAD? So what if she had on an outfit from WEEKEND , doesn't change the fact that she is the superior White Queen.

Ready for a mindfuck...or two?

Willow Rosenberg
No that is not Tai Fraiser looking rough during a visit to Sunnydale, that is actress Riff Regan who was the first actress to take a shot at Willow Rosenberg. She sucked and was replaced by the lovely ginger Alyson Hannigan.

*Bonus* Sarah Michelle Gellar was originally cast as Cordellia but she got the lead as Buffy and Charisma Carpentar won the role of Cordellia ( thank you hotfuss )

Jensen Ackles as Sam Winchester? Lol Que?
Because she summed it up perfectly I will quote our resident Supernatural expert vehiclesshockme on this one

Back when they were casting Supernatural, Jensen Ackles auditioned for - and was offered - the part of Sam Winchester. Later after meeting Jared they turned around and offered Jensen the part of Dean instead. Ultimately convincing him by saying wouldn't he rather be Han Solo than Luke Skywalker?

Coincidentally, Jared Padalecki auditioned for Jason Teagues on Smallville but didn't get the part because they didn't want someone that was taller than Tom Welling. Jason Teagues ended up being played by Jensen Ackles.

I cannot imagine Jensen Ackles playing Sam .... it's just....WRONG!!!

Tara Thornton
No that is not Rutina Hilton (the jahunkafied version of Rutina Wesley) , that is actress Brook Kerr who portrayed Tara in the True Blood pilot. She was replaced by the queen for unknown reasons.

I was not aware of this until superdogbiter mentioned it to me O_O
But yeah … err …. Stuart Townsend won the role of Aragorn/Strider in "The Lord of The Rings".
After months of training and rehearsing Stuart was let go and the role was given to Viggo Mortensen.

The Little Mermaid was in developement since the 1930s

The film that started The Disney Renaissance premiered in 1989 but the idea was originally pitched in the 1930. Ariel was not a red head originally but that would all change when Disney decided to move forward with the project. The film was a major challenge for Disney because the team went to great lengths to put the film together . The Little Mermaid went on to be a major success and change the game as far as 2D animation is concerned.
( Don Bluth you tried it )

Mozenrath ... Aladdin's brother?
Anyone familiar with the Aladdin television series  obviously remembers the GQMF Mozenrath.
Apparently he was supposed to be featured in third film "Aladdin and The King of Thieves " as Al's brother (which would explain the resemblance) but they put emphasis on Aladdin's father instead. Who cares though, he is still flawless and he needs to be featured in Kingdom Hearts to be honest :D :D
The late Jonathan Brandis did the voicework for Mozenrath , may he rest in peace.

The Lion King or The Lying King?
LAWDT Were we go, I am sure most people are familiar with the Kimba/Simba controversy but I felt it was important to add.

Disney allegedly swag jacked Osamu Tezuka's " Kimba The White Lion " series.
There have strong similarities found in character designs and settings which led to some speculation that The Lion King was supposed to be an adaptation of Kimba The White Lion but the company refused to give up the rights.

This early Lion King piece shows a White Lion cub

Disney denied the claims and said that the similarities were purely coincendential. Others believe that Tezuka Productions had been paid hush money but those claims were shortly dismissed by Yoshiro Shimizu.

We will never know for sure, while the similarities are strong this could have simply been a case of great minds thinking alike seeing as how Tezuka worked with Disney in the past. The world may never know.

Dragon Ball
The popular Dragon Ball franchise is based on the chinese folk tale "Journey To The West" ( atleast it was in the first series ) . The series protagonist Son Goku ( all of us westerners know him simply as Goku ) is based on the character Sun Wukong aka Monkey King which explains Akira Toriyama's early depiction of Goku where he had an anthropomorphic appearance.

Bulma and Oolong also had different appearances in the early drafts as you can see

Bulma looks like Taylor Swift XD

In the end result Bulma's western appearance was scrapped, Oolong became a little short perverted pig, and Goku was given a human form although he did keep the monkey tail and the power pole.

The character design for Son Goku from the series "Saiyuki" which is loosely based on "Journey to The West"
is much closer to the original Sun Wukong


In honor of my sis trumpydoesmagic upcoming birthday I have decided to add this little piece of silly.

Dule Hill did not play Bud on The Cosby show , that was actor Dean Richmond

They do look just alike though , it is a funny joke in the Psych fandom. ( see listenlouder icon )

Source wikipedia + ONTD members + my crazy head

This shit took like 10 years to put together OMG!!!

Discuss discuss discuss!!!

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