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Grimm Promos For Tonight's Ep 1x13: Three Coins In A Fuchsbau + Casting Spoilers

Below the cut  are 4 promos  - one with The Man In Black himself starring in tonight's episode - and 1 casting spoiler.

Promo #1 for tonight's episode

Titus Welliver, best known as Lost's Man in Black, drops by Grimm on Friday, but will he bring good or evil tidings?

Nick (David Giuntoli) has unwittingly been dealing with an unknown antagonist, his very own Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz), whose agenda is still unknown to viewers. He's apparently some sort of royalty among the creature kind and has enough pull to get others killed without getting his own hands (paws?) dirty. In Friday's episode ((9/8c, NBC ), the captain will start to exhibit odd behavior when he comes in contact with some rare coins that have turned up from a failed robbery.

What's the story behind these coins? That's where Welliver, who plays an old buddy of Aunt Marie's, comes in. Check out the exclusive clip below to see just what his character knows. Hint: The coins have some relation to Nick's family.

TV Guide

3 More promos for tonight's episode

Earlier this week we showed you a preview of "Grimm" Episode 1.13, "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau", and now NBC has sent over a few sneak peeks of the ep in which Nick’s hunt for a murderer uncovers a shocking mystery about his ancestors.


Casting spoilers

Looks like "Grimm" is getting a couple more people with creepy character pasts to join the show. Zap2it has exclusively learned that Sebastian Roche and Neil Hopkins have signed on for an upcoming episode.

Roche, who played Mikael on "The Vampire Diaries" and Balthazar on "Supernatural," will play a Edgar Waltz, a hundjager. Waltz comes to town try to catch Ian Harmon (Hopkins), but it certainly won't be easy. Hopkins played Claude Crane on "True Blood" and was also on "LOST" as Liam Pace, the lead singer of Drive Shaft.

Hopkins is not the first "LOST" alum to join the series. Titus Welliver is on Friday's (March 2) episode and Daniel Roebuck was in the show earlier in the season.

The episode is scheduled to air in April. It is appropriately titled "Cat and Mouse."


I get this show has not been people's thing but there are actually people who not only watch but enjoy this show. It has been on for a while and picked up for a full season. It would be nice seeing as we're 13 shows in if those who aren't fans would for once just scroll past. But this is ONTD so that's probably much too high of an expectation. And probably unreasonable to think people shouldn't comment in a post for a show they don't actually watch.
/end rant

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