Is Jessica Chastain lying about being just 30? A 1998 article puts her at 35 now

You know I love Jessica Chastain. She’s so pretty, she’s so genuinely nice, and I think she can really act too. But it’s kind of slow today and we’re searching for something to report on. Hence this story that Jessica Chastain might not really be “30″ as her Wikipedia entry and IMDB states. I do remember reading somewhere that she was 31 or 32, and I remember squinting and thinking that she looked older than that. Radiant and lovely, but older than that. Well Kaiser pointed me to this article in HuffPo from last year in which they state that Jessica won’t disclose her age. They write “Chastain, who is about 30 but will not disclose her exact age, grew up in northern California and dreamed of becoming an actress from about the age of 5.” That’s arguably more honest than shaving a few years off and trying to claim that you’re younger, a la Agyness Dyen. (or Beyonce, or Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Reader Drew pointed out on that Agyness Dyen story that Mandisa from American Idol, who is 36, recently tweeted that she went to high school with Jessica. That would make Jessica 33 at least, if she was a freshman when Mandisa was a senior. (I tweeted Mandisa asking if she was in the same grade as Jessica, and have not yet heard back.) I guess I don’t blame Jessica for wanting to keep her age a secret, but it seems unlikely in this age of the Internet and IMDB.

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