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The Wanted Can't Be Tamed

Not everyone in the US loves The Wanted...

Band are described as being as difficult as "trying to herd kittens into a bath"

With the boys cracking the charts in America, surely everyone loves The Wanted now, right? Right?

Well, not everyone... The Wanted have revealed that their British sense of humour and refusal to act like a traditional boyband rubbed some people up the wrong way when they arrived in the States.

Bandmember Jay McGuinness has revealed to the Daily Record that the band was a headache for their US record company in the beginning.

"The first gig we were playing in the States, we were told by the record company that we were not allowed to drink alcohol, consume caffeine or eat cheese or dairy. So we ordered a crate of beer, five four-cheese pizzas and lots of cups of coffee in our dressing room. As much as people can give us advice, they can't shoehorn us into doing things."

"In the end, they got our humour. It took a while and a lot of stress and they told us that dealing with us was like trying to herd kittens into a bath."

Jay has also told Digital Spy how The Wanted have shocked some of the US press, but that being "clumsy" and not being "too perfect" has worked in their favour.

He said: "We were nervous that people were expecting us to dance and not swear, but being our clumsy selves seems to have worked to our advantage for some reason! I feel quite comfortable out there.

"Slick routines and matching clothes used to be part of a successful boyband, and the music from the likes of Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync was brilliant, but their image never evolved. I think that's why the scene died out. Not being too perfect seems to be working for us, although some people out there really hate it."

Well, the boys certainly have a lot of fans as they have just made history by hitting No 5 in the US Billboard Hot 100!

These rebels they do w/e they want to do and nobody's gonna tell them otherwise..unless it's Martin or Kevin
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