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Eddie Murphy: Oscars Would Have Been 'A Little Quicker With Me Driving'

While some had gripes with Billy Crystal's blackface routine hosting stint during the 84th Academy Awards, most were impressed that the typically long-winded ceremony finished rather early. It was the shortest Oscar telecast in over 30 years.

Though, apparently, that still wasn't brief enough for erstwhile 84th annual Academy Awards host Eddie Murphy. At the junket for his upcoming comedy, "A Thousand Words" -- a film that had its release date shifted to coincide with Murphy's Oscar-fueled "comeback" -- the star told "Extra" that, while he thought Crystal did a "great job," the show would have been "a little quicker with me driving."

As you'll recall, Murphy was hired as host of the Oscars by Brett Ratner, after the pair worked together on "Tower Heist." That union came undone once Ratner resigned as producer of the telecast following the firestorm caused by his homophobic remarks about rehearsals. Once Ratner was out, Murphy followed soon after, but -- in a surprise -- Murphy said he's still interested in the job.

"If they ask me again and it comes around, I'm totally open to do. It's one of the few things that I haven't done as a comedian. So, yeah, one day."

Hear that, Academy?

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What do you guys think?
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