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Top 10 Movie Drinking Games for February

If you've gone to the movies this month, there's a good chance you could have made use of the following drinking games featured at MovieBoozer.

#10 - Act of Valor (2012)
Rated 4 Beers: Watchable action, tune out the rest.
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Take a Drink:
each time the unnecessary narration kicks in
Take a Drink: anytime you see an American Flag
Drink a Shot: when blur-cam starts to make you dizzy.

#9 - The Grey (2012)
Rated 2 Beers: A genuine surprise for a January/[February] release. A deeply entertaining, and even thoughtful movie. 
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Take a Drink: each time a wolf jumps out of nowhere to attack someone
Take a Drink: anytime a female audience member vocalizes how grossed out she is (Bonus drink if a guy does it).
Drink Mightily and think of Valhalla*: when after killing a wolf, the men gather to cook and consume him, and feast while mocking their enemy even as they watch from the shadows.
*applies only to charter members of AsgardTM

#8 - Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999, 2012 3D)
Rated 3 Beers: From the perspective of someone who wasn’t a fan, I thought the movie was entertaining. I didn’t let one thing like Jar Jar Binks ruin an otherwise good film. Though the next films seemed lazy and the dialogue was cheesy, this film, for what it was, was definitely worth watching. You do not have to be drunk to enjoy this movie. But if you want to be, play the drinking game. 
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Take a Sip: everytime Jar Jar Binks, Boss Nass or any Gungan mispronounces a word.
Take a Drink: every time The Force or Midi-Chlorian’s are mentioned or used.
Take a Drink: every time a pod-racer crashes.
Take a Shot: whenever Boss Nass slobbers.
Take a Drink: whenever Queen Amidala switches to Padme and back.

#7 - The Vow (2012)
Rated 4 Beers: Though it is watchable and better than I thought it would be, thanks mostly to McAdams, The Vow is pretty much still a Lifetime movie with a Hollywood budget. It probably would have been more enjoyable with anyone other than Channing Tatum. Ironically though, you’ll most likely forget about it after seeing it. 
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Take a Drink: every time Channing Tatum is shirtless.
Take a Shot when he’s pantless.
Take a Drink: every time Rachel McAdams has a different hairstyle.
Take a Drink: at every establishing shot of Chicago. (Most of it was actually filmed in Toronto though).
Take a Drink: every time you think about how much better this movie would be if Ryan Gosling was playing the part of Leo.
Take a Drink: every time you wish you were watching Overboard (or hell, even 50 First Dates) instead.

#6 - Safe House (2012)
Rated 3 Beers: This is the kind of movie that is ok to watch on cable tv when you’ve got nothing else going on. You’ll be entertained, but you won’t gain anything substantial from the experience. 
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Take a Drink: for every fistfight
Take a Drink: for every car-chase
Drink a Shot: whenever the words “safehouse”, “File”, or “Cape Town” are mentioned.

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