K-POP or KKK-POP? Covert Anti-Black Music Scene Sweeping America

2011 saw an expansion of the music industry into once completely unknown generes. K-Pop, as its been labelled by its stans, has literally exploded all over the scene. Supposively catchy tunes, dazzling stage costumes and precise choreography invaded our eardrums and brains at a rapid pace. But after seeing these Korean names on theatre marquees or even the Billboard charts, do we really know what they're here for? What is the message Korea is trying to convay to us? What do they stand for??

It takes just a quick Google search to uncover some shocking racially offensive incidents these companies work so hard to mask from the public. Sordid histories full of black face, racial slurs and other forms of negative anti-Black stereotypes have plagued the Korean music industry. Yet with the current Asian invasion, the severity of these moments has been smoothed over by the puppet-masters behind these acts and their rabid fans alike, in order to provide a safe passage from East to West. And right into our wallets. Before you purchase a K-Pop album, you might as well save your time (and your ears) and just make a direct deposit into the bank account of the KKK.


Written entirely by ME, Tay Symone (ifuaskedmeto).
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