Rye Rye's Next Single!

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Just when it seems NEET Recordings shelves Go! Pop! Bang!, Rye Rye comes with official new material to fill her fans with excitement. Rye Rye’s latest single is “Boom, Boom” and samples the Vengaboys 90′s hit of a similar title.
“Boom, Boom” is just as fun and colorful in sound as the single cover is in image. The single just wants to make you dance, dance and dance some more. Of course, what is a Rye Rye song without bass and sass.
The single also has a handful of remixes by EOS, Glow In The Dark, Kat Krazy, Tom Neville, Yogi and Wayne & Woods.

Release: March 6th

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OP: Rye Rye >>>> than those azale/ia flower trolls but her album leaked forever ago and we all know there are better songs than this like Drop, Hotter, Better Than You, etc...